Mechatronic engineer

Sovereign Technologies is looking for a Mechatronic Engineer in St. Louis, MO.  Job duties include: Update existing system infrastructure, update embedded system software by using Matlab/Simulink applications. Collaborate with cross-functional engineering group, research, review and validate technical specifications of mechatronic or electromechanical systems. Gather product and application requirements for various systems and subsystems such as engine system, machine control system, pneumatics, powertrain controls, operator assistance or camera systems, telematics. Review research reports and historical product design materials, author systems level requirements documents, support design and development of new products or improve current products. Program machine telematics system, collect required data to support Industrial product system research, development, and validation activities. Utilize tools such as Python, SQL script to detect data error and enhance data quality; utilize project management tools such as Azure DevOps to enhance team overall management level and productivity. Analyze data with MATLAB/Python/SQL scripts, visualize data using tools and scripts in Tableau/Power BI; Leverage applications like ClearCase or Git for software configuration management and their version controls. Collaborate with respective engineering and product groups, develop data dashboard to discover machine system and subsystem features and characteristics, visualize engineering data using tools such as Tableau and Power BI. Perform machine functional testing on test benches as required, to ensure all system features are fully validated and meet the desired specifications. Perform root cause analysis, failure mode analysis; troubleshoot system-level defects, and participate in product release gate reviews. Collaborate with respective engineering and product groups to work on interim containment actions and permanent correction actions to meet performance specifications. Assist in monitoring and improving automated systems for industrial products and sub-systems; Monitoring data collection to reduce missing or inaccurate data. Create engineering reports and technical documentation for various performance specifications by validating with support of engineering and test data. Must be willing to relocate to unanticipated locations.


Requirements:  Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical/Electronics Engineering or related field or foreign equivalent and 5 years of experience in the following: working with Mathworks Matlab/Simulink, Stateflow, Simscape Electrical, and Co-simulation; working with linear control theory and basic PID with physics insight; analytical tools Python, SQL, and Tableau; working with sensors technologies and IoT devices; and working with CAN (Controller Area Network), J1939, Ethernet, and other vehicle datalinks communications. Must have proof of legal authority to work in the US.  Send resume and cover letter to: HR, Sovereign Technologies, 13421 Manchester Road, Suite 106, St. Louis, MO 63131.


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